Airspeed Sensor for my Bixler 2

Rusty Tue, 06/25/2019 - 15:28

I have been looking to add an airspeed sensor for my Bixler 2 running Arduplane on a Mateksys F405-Wing board. The one I have been looking for uses a MS5525 differential sensor, and have not been able to find any in stock. So being the DIY type I decided to see how hard it would be to DIY one of these.  Checking out the data sheet for the MS5525 sensor, it does not seem too difficult to design the PCB, and with maybe $1 to $2 in additional parts I could have the board built. The down side to this sensor is the price of the sensor itself. The bare sensor is about $22 in single quantities, about $17 in 10s. So I am estimating a total parts cost of less than $30 a board. Basically a voltage regulator and some filtering caps, and that is it, maybe under $25. I think I am going to leave off any connectors for now, and just stick to either through holes or pads for soldering the wires to the flight controller, it will be easier to connect to the smaller 'AIO' style boards, like the F405-Wing. 

Other parts I will need to actually need to install an airspeed sensor in the Bixler 2 is the Pitot tube, some flexible tubing to connect the Pitot tube to the sensor, and some way of mounting the Pitot tube to the aircraft. The Pitot tubes and tubing can be found in several places on the net, usually as a replacement for other sensors. The few I have found were in the $7 to $10 range, putting the total cost of this airspeed sensor in the $33 +/- range.

Check back in a few days, I should have a basic start on the PCB