Caddx Dolphin "Box" style camera

Rusty Wed, 07/10/2019 - 11:20

Caddx Dolphin

Caddx Dolphin

Scrolling through my Facebook feeds today and noticed this little gem, the Caddx Dolphin. The Caddx Dolphin is a "Box" style camera, similar in format to the Hero Session, Runcam 5, an the Foxeer Box 2 They announced this back in June, but I have been playing catchup from a busy spring personally. Caddx is a fairly newcomer to the FPV community and already has some decent offerings out there, Ratel (also a Starlight), Turtle V2 (similiar to Runcam Split Mini), and the Turbo, but this model is interesting. It is a box format HD camera, but only 1080/30fps, however it listed as a Starlight camera. I am not aware of any Action Cameras in this size, and price point, that will shoot decent night video, so at $39.99 (as of 7/10/19) this may fill a void. So for $39.99, shipped, it has been ordered, look for a quick review once it comes in, and then a head to head with some of the others....


Did you get this yet? how is the video? $40 is not a lot, video must be trashy!

No, haven't recieved it yet, waiting on the postman, actually still waiting on shipping notification. I was hoping to get it for this weekend so I could compare it to the Foxeer Box 2 camera, but it looks like I will have to wait.

Why woulld anyone get this? It's only 1080/ 30fps? 1080 is virtually dead!

I'll hold judgement until I receive the unit, but for $40 US, I still think it is a great deal. And as a starlight camera with 1080 resolution I had to at least try it out.

As of today, still waiting for shipping confirmation.....

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