Is Ardupilot really that hard to setup?

Rusty Tue, 03/27/2018 - 10:38

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Ardupilot, Is it really that hard to set up for FPV??

If you ask anyone setting up a multirotor or fixed wing aircraft for FPV and ask what flight controller they are going to use, and you will not likely get Ardupilot as an answer. You will get answers like Vector for fixed wings, or Baseflight, Cleanflight, etc..,if it is a small multirotor. And now we are starting to see more and more iNav installs, but hardly anyone says Ardupilot, or sometimes referred to as "a Pixhawk". So why is that? Why do FPV pilots stay away from Ardupilot? Probably the #1 answer you will get is that Ardupilot (or "a Pixhawk") is too complicated to set up. Well I disagree, I don't think it is all that more difficult, or difficult at all really. So, in the next few weeks or so I am going to go through a "A to Z" process of setting up a Pixhawk (the hardware) running Ardupilot (the firmware) for both a Multirotor and a fixed wing aircrtaft. The multirotor is a 550mm X frame based off a DJI flamewheel (only the Arms are DJI), and the Fixed wing will be a Bixler 2 with the flap option enabled.  The multirotor will be first as I already have it set up, but needs a rebuild, so we will walk through that. The Bixler 2 will take a little longer as there is more to set up in a fixed wing.

I'll add links here once I get going with the builds.....

1)  Setting up Arducopter....