New 5.8 GHz Antenna Tracker

Rusty Mon, 01/08/2018 - 11:05

Started working on an antenna tracker for 5.8 GHz this past weekend. (No, not the one in the lead picture) I know there are a couple commercially available units for FPV antennas, but I would wind up just modifying them for what I wanted anyway, so I  just started designing it from the ground up. I can't say it is a 100% original design, but there are influences from several designs, and some ideas of my own in there as well. I will be using a Pixhawk and a companion computer for the brains of the tracker. I picked this set up as it will fit well with my Ardupilot equipped multirotors and fixed wing aircraft. The companion computer, just a raspberry Pi 3 will add a few features to the tracker that should make setup and use easier. The tracker will be aiming a 5.8GHz FPV helical antenna and a 900MHz Moxon for telemetry. I picked the Moxon to try and limit the interference to anyone running 900 MHz video. The tilt plate for the tracker will be a modular design allowing different antennas to be attached, so maybe one other telemetry option could be 2.4 WiFi and a hi gain directional antenna. here are a couple screen shots of the design. Most of the design work is being done in Onshape.

Main Shaft Gear         Tilt Plate Body