OSD options for Ardupilot

Rusty Wed, 04/26/2017 - 12:49

Have been going back and forth for a while now, trying to find a decent OSD to use within the Ardupilot Ecosystem. There are a few options but most are dated and rely on the MAX7456, or cheap clone, to produce the OSD overlay and send out to the video transmitter. The one big issue with that is that analog video is fading away and most of the OSD chip  are now EOL. it is getting harder to find a reliable, and reputable supply of these chips. However the STM32 chips are showing some promise. You can generate a B/W OSD overlay using just the microcontroller, and still have headroom for other functions. Might have to look into those.....



You might want to look at either PlayUAVOSD or AlceOSD, both look pretty good, not sure how development is going for either one

I have a PlayUAVOSD, and development was going good for a while, not sure how it is going right now as it has been a few months since i checked on that. the AlceOSD also has promise, and I don't think it uses a MAX7456 OSD chip, I think they are using a microcontroller to generate the video signal. I might have to get one of those to try out, will have to lookk into the development and see how it is going.