Spring update 2019

Rusty Wed, 06/12/2019 - 08:39

It has been way too long since an update, so I figured it was time. So what's new? Built a few planes over the winter months, a Nano Goblin with a F405-CTR flight controller running Arduplane, The Bixler 2 is 'almost' finished.  Plans changed for that last fall. I was going to put in a Pixhawk flight controller, but saw what a F405-Wing flight controller could do, and was convinced.I was convinced that it would be a better fit in the Bixler 2, and it still runs Arduplane. My 1.2 GHz diversity controller is coming along, just need to tweak the change over algorithm a little for smoother switching between the two antennas. The spring weather was lousy, so not much flying was done, but the weather is looking up. One of the things I want to look into more is iNav-Radar. It is a add on telemetry modem that allows users flying with iNav to share GPS positions with other pilots running the same hardware, and makes for flying in tandem easier. Looking into how I can make this work for Ardupilot, that way both iNav and Ardupilot  flyers can share position data.

Other than that there is the usual number of side projects going on repairing planes and quads, and just getting ready for the 2019 flying season.