Winter Projects 2017 - 2018

Rusty Wed, 12/06/2017 - 09:38

Yep. flying in the North East in the winter is rough, so once again it's project time.

DTF 145

Have to finally fix the "Low Volts" alarm

Morphite 180

Tried  to maiden this earlier this summer, and it was a disaster. It started ok, flew up about 15 feet, then completely spazed out and came crashing down to the ground. I think one of the props snagged a wire, which I thought was secure, and lost control. Will have to investigate a little.

The FPV Quad

Didn't do much to this all summer, but should finish this up soon. Really just needs tuning and installing the video system, and a mount for the GoPro

The Bixler 2 Arduplane FPV build

Almost finished this over the Summer, but got distracted with some other stuff. It is about 50% complete.

The 5.8 GHz antenna tracker

This kind of goes with the Bixler 2 above. It will be a Antenna Tracker using the Antenna tracker firmware of the Ardupilot family.

NEFPV Mini-h rebuild

Almost forgot this one. Rebuilding the NEFPV Mini-h. It hasn't flown in over a year due to a bad flight controller, and needed to be cleaned up a little anyway. This should not take more than a few nights.


That should keep me busy for a while. If it was like last year, I didn't get to all of it, but this year I need to get most of this done