First Look - AR5202-X Intergrated Multifunction Compatable Mini Reciever

Rusty Fri, 10/19/2018 - 11:36

So I was able to get one of these combo RC receiver/stabilizer boards for review. It's a "AR5202-X Integrated Multifunction Compatible Mini Receiver" by Oversky RC. Specs say it is designed for 60-160g micro RC airplanes, either DIY or repairing/upgrading existing models. It comes in 3 flavors; FrSky, Spectrum, and Futaba. I was hoping for a FrSky, but was offered a Spectrum version, so I grabbed one. I plan on using the Orange DSM2/DSMX module on my Taranis Plus to control the receiver.




Some quick specs:

  • 60-160g design weight
  • 2-3S Lipo
  • 4/6A built in ESC
  • 5V 2A BEC


Once it arrives I will evaluate and install in a micro airplane, something I need to find. There are a lot of choices above 300g AUW, but finding a plane <200g AUW gets interesting. I have a couple ideas, but will hold them until this board comes in and I can take a closer look at the board. Until then.....


Have you used this yet?  Look like it would be good for some diy micro planes.


I have not, yet. I have all the parts to make a small flying wing, a mini Neptune, except the servos. i will be ordering the servos this week and maybe get a test flight in a week or two...


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