Caddx Dolphin "Box" style camera

Rusty Wed, 07/10/2019 - 11:20

Caddx Dolphin

Caddx Dolphin

Scrolling through my Facebook feeds today and noticed this little gem, the Caddx Dolphin. The Caddx Dolphin is a "Box" style camera, similar in format to the Hero Session, Runcam 5, an the Foxeer Box 2 They announced this back in June, but I have been playing catchup from a busy spring personally. Caddx is a fairly newcomer to the FPV community and already has some decent offerings out there, Ratel (also a Starlight), Turtle V2 (similiar to Runcam Split Mini), and the Turbo, but this model is interesting. It is a box format HD camera, but only 1080/30fps, however it listed as a Starlight camera. I am not aware of any Action Cameras in this size, and price point, that will shoot decent night video, so at $39.99 (as of 7/10/19) this may fill a void. So for $39.99, shipped, it has been ordered, look for a quick review once it comes in, and then a head to head with some of the others....


Did you get this yet? how is the video? $40 is not a lot, video must be trashy!

No, haven't recieved it yet, waiting on the postman, actually still waiting on shipping notification. I was hoping to get it for this weekend so I could compare it to the Foxeer Box 2 camera, but it looks like I will have to wait.

Why woulld anyone get this? It's only 1080/ 30fps? 1080 is virtually dead!

I'll hold judgement until I receive the unit, but for $40 US, I still think it is a great deal. And as a starlight camera with 1080 resolution I had to at least try it out.

As of today, still waiting for shipping confirmation.....

Looks like they will be shipping August 4th, going by the available date on Banggood's website. So maybe by the second week in August I will have something to look at..... Hopefully.

Well, after almost giving up on ever getting word of shipping, I got an e-mail saying it was shipped, 5 weeks after I ordered it.... lol Tracking is live, so maybe in a few days....  Then I can compare it to the Foxeer Box 2 and the Runcam 5 (also a box/cube style camera).