3D printed GoPro mount for Quadcopters

Rusty Wed, 02/07/2018 - 08:29

I looked around for a while to find a GoPro mount that would allow me to hang a GoPro from the bottom of a plate on my FPV Quadcopter. Most were too bulky, too heavy, too long, too short, etc.... Not to mention I wanted to mount it with vibration dampening mounts, so the chances were slim from the start. So I decided to design and print one, actually this is one of the main reasons I got my 3D printer, to print parts for my multirotors and airplanes that I could not find elsewhere. This part was one of the first parts I tried to design using Onshape.

The challenge

As you can see in the picture I needed a short mount that would attach to the frame plate with vibration dampening balls and still keep the GoPro off the ground. I didn't think it would be so hard to find this, considering all the GoPro related "things" on Thingverse, but I didn't find anything I could use.

Designing the mount

The GoPro mount for my quadcopter was one of the first real things I designed in Onshape. The first version, which was never printed had a lot of errors in it, hey I was learning to use the program. As a result I couldn't line things up the way I wanted, so I started over and came up with this. The first image shows the first version, incomplete. The second and third photo show the "V2" version and some of the features.

GoPro Mount v0.1  GoPro Mount v0.2 Isometric  GoPro Mount bottom


Printing the GoPro mount.

I just upgraded my Octopi server and installed a webcam to monitor the printer from across the house and take timelapse videos , so I figured I would share the first timelapse video from the new install....