APM-Dev Quadcopter

Rusty Tue, 01/03/2017 - 09:01

APM-Dev Quadcopter, What is it?

Well, it is really nothing more than a twin to my 500mm FPV quadcopter, but with one difference. that difference being that I am using this frame as a development and testing frame for Arducopter and any accessories related to Arducopter.

The Specs.

  • 500mm X frame using DJI Flamewheel arms and custom cut center plates. (similar to my 500mm FPV Quad)
  • Align T-rex 500 heli skids
  • Ready to Fly Quads "Red Special" motors 1,000kV
  • Ready to Fly Quads ?????? ESCs, flashed with BlHeli
  • Ready to Fly Quads Power Module
  • Pixhawk 2.4.8 (clone) 1  from Goodluckbuy
  • M8N GPS module (came with Pixhawk)
  • FrSky X8R reciever
  • Ready to Fly Quads 900MHz Telemetry radio set
  • Wifi Telemetry radio (not used at the same time as the 900MHz radios)
  • PlayUav  OSD
  • Mobius HD Camera
  • Readymade RC Cricket 600mW Video TX
  • VAS Antenna
  • Generic power distribution board
  • 3000 mAh 3S battery, for now, but likely a 4S battery in the 5-6000 mAH size.

Why Build a Development and testing quad?

So why build virtually the same copter as my 500mm FPV copter?  The 500mm FPV copter is running Arducopter on a Pixhawk. Actually it is a "RTFHawk" 2 sold by Ready to Fly Quads, and I didn't want to mess with that too much once I set it up and have it dialed in to where I like it. The Dev-quad is very similar to that quad, but has a few minor differences. The purpose is to help test beta releases of Arducopter, and help develop and test different components for it as well. The PlayUAV OSD is one of those components. Most of the current developers are flying fixed wing aircraft and were looking for multicopter testers, so I volunteered. Other differences are likely going to be the video system. the FPV quad will run either 5.8GHz or 1.3GHz video, where I will keep the Dev quad on 5.8GHz, the Dev quad will stay in closer while the FPV quad will fly a little further. I basically don't want to mess with the FPV quad once dialed in.


The RTFQuads 900 MHz telemetry radios have been changed out for some other generic 900MHz telemetry radios



  • 1. There really are no clones as it is open source
  • 2. Same thing as a Pixhawk, but sold by someone else
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