DTF 145

Rusty Thu, 11/03/2016 - 14:56

DTF 145 Micro Quad

DTF 145






The DTF 145 is a 145mm motor to motor micro sized FPV quadcopter. Frames were once available from DTF UHF, but they don't seem to have them in the store anymore, so i am not sure of the status. See first comment below for status and link to new store. Anyway, is is a nice backyard, small park flyer. It has decent pep and handles pretty good. I acquired mine from someone who was going to get a second one configured differently and had no need for the first.


  • 145mm motor to motor, and uses 3x2 props
  • RCTimer 1410 4000 kv motors
  • Micro Naze flight controller running Baseflight, can flash Cleanflight if wanted
  • DTF UHF micro LRS receiver
  • 5.8 GHz video
  • Micro minum OSD
  • VAS 5.8 GHz Race antenna (small size)
  • 450 mAh 3S battery (3S only)
  • AUW 120g, about 160g with battery

Current Status


Well, do to some minor lapse in intelligence I powered up the 145 without the antenna attached, for about 30 seconds. CRAP!  Yep, cooked the video transmitter. I can get maybe about 40 feet before it breaks up. I have a couple 5.8 modules I can replace it with. One of the modules has SPI disabled so I can finally use the DIP switches again to change video frequency.


Finaly replaced the Vtx module and I have working video once again. I also set up the DTF UHF micro reciever to inject the RSSI signal on RC ch7, and the micro Naze flight controller now recieves this.



Flew it all weekend at NAFPV 2017 without a hitch. RSSI display works well, but the "Low Volts" warning still does not work correctly. Eventually will fix this.....


Still hunting down a binding/arming  issue. Sometimes it binds, and sometimes not. When it does bind it sometime doesn't want to arm. It started doing this at the 2018 NEFPV Feat Meet, but I thought I fixed it shortly after the event. looks like it will be going "under the knife" to fix this soon. Maybe upgrade the video TX and camera as well...

Aircraft Status: 


hey man we are still making DTF145! https://www.airdtf.com/shop/DTF145

Awesome!!  I wasn't sure for a while, good to here they are still going.