Eachine E10WD WIFI FPV Quadcopter - Review

Rusty Fri, 12/30/2016 - 18:36

The Eachine E10WDEachine E10WD

Eachine has a new FPV quadcopter, the E10WD. It is a mini FPV quadcopter with WiFi video. The E10WD has an advertised flight time of 4-6 minutes and a range of 20-40M range (65 -131ft). The onboard camera is a 0.3MP with a resolution of 640x480. On the box it says HD Camera, but 640x480 is hardly "HD", we will look at that a little more. Overall size is 6.2 cm x 6.2cm and weighs a scant 20g as weighed by myself.


What's in the Box?

In the box you will find:  [picture]

  • The E10WD Quadcopter, with prop guards installed
  • 3.7v 150mAh Li Battery (attached to quad)
  • A RC Transmitter with smart device holder
  • USB charge cable
  • Set of extra props
  • Small Philips screwdriver

What do you need to fly the E10WD?

  • 2 x AA batteries for the RC transmitter
  • An Android or Apple smart device to run the Eachine App for FPV video (I am using the Android version)
  • Some space to fly....

First impressions:

My first impressions are, WOW this quadcopter is small! Ok, I know these are small, but never really held one in my hand, and as you can see, it is considerably smaller than the palm of my hand.  [picture] So how good can the FPV video really be? To be honest I was again quite surprised. I installed the Eachine UFO app on my Samsung Galaxy S5 and opened it up, I explain how to set up further down the article, and connected to the Quadcopter. The picture was quite good for something this size. Now the quad and phone were basically next to each other, so we will have to see how it is under flying conditions. Another first impression is that the transmitter is considerably smaller than a traditional RC transmitter, which is neither a plus nor a minus.

First Flight:

After fully charging the quad with the supplied USB charging cable, I took the E10WD up for its first flight. this flight was strictly LOS, Line of Sight, meaning I did not use the video. I wanted to get a feel for how it flew and how responsive it was without banging into the lamp or the TV inside the house. The control sticks are a little sensitive, meaning a little push goes a long way. I will have to read the instruction sheet to see if I can soften the controls a little. Other than that I thought it flew pretty well for what it is, and with decent video, it may be a nice indoor flyer. Do to the small size the red and blue LEDs really help with orientation.


So, how does it stand up to abuse? Well, during the time I was flying this for the review I probably crashed it a several dozen times. Into walls, boxes, upside down, into the sink (no water), and aside from having to put the prop guard back on, it has fared very well. I even had one of the props come flying off when it crashed into one of my other quads on the shelf. I just put the prop back on and kept flying. I think a lot of this is due to its light weight. At only 19 grams, 20 with the prop guard installed, there is not a lot of mass to cause damage to its self or other objects indoors. But one thing is for sure, they don't like water, more on that later.

My Conclusions:

So, what do I think about the E10WD? Surprised! I went into the review thinking it would be a cheap flimsy quad that would not last more than a week or two, it would have less than adequate video and overall a waste, but I was wrong. I found it to be fairly  durable, flights lasting a decent 5-6 minutes. The video range indoors was adequate enough for a 1,000sf condominium, outdoors was about 120ft before video break up. And at a inexpensive price point, about $40, it wont break the bank.

If I had to pick one grip about the E10WD, it would be that the smart phone holder could not keep my Galaxy 5S in place. It keep dropping the phone from the holder. I had to finally use a rubber band to hold it in place. This not so much an issue indoors, as you could put the phone on a table and view it that way while flying, but outdoors it was problematic.

Set up tips:

There really  is not too much to setting up this quad. Charge it up, turn it, and go. The RC transmitter does have trim tabs to trim the quad, but I found them somewhat ineffective, and do to its light weight, even a sneeze would push the quad around, but these were not meant to stay in one place anyway. There are two additional buttons on the front of the RC controller, which can be reached with your index fingers. The left side cycles through 3 levels of sensitivity on the control sticks , or 3 different stick rates for those more familiar with RC terminology. Low rate was most useful for indoor flight, while med and high are more suited to outdoors where you might need more power to handle some light breezes. The button on the right side implements some sort of flip or roll mode where if you press this button, then move the roll stick to either side, the copter will do an automatic flip in that direction, same with the the pitch control, either a back flip or front flip.

So who is this quadcopter for?

Who would I recommend the E10WD to? if you are into FPV flying and miss flying when the weather is not cooperating, this can be for you? It makes for a decent indoor flyer. If you have any RC stick time you could probably pick this up fairy quickly. I am not sure I would recommend to a someone completely new to the RC FPV world, as the controls are a little sensitive. However if flown mostly outside,  or in a large indoor space,  I think a Newbie could do ok with it, it is certainly durable enough to take more than just a few hits.

Where can you get one?:

You can get the E10WD for abut $35US, from several retailers online, some are listed below:

So What happened to mine?

Well, unfortunately I was flying indoors for some video and bumped into a wall in the kitchen. And my luck being what it is, the E10WD found the only bowl of water in the entire condo. It landed upside in about 3/4" of water. The 4 orientation LEDs were still on when I turned it off. I quickly disconnected the battery, and shoved the E10WD into a bowl of dry white rice that I typically use to dry out my Bluetooth headsets. I am hopeful in a few days it will dry out and still work, but time will tell. Even with the unfortunate demise, for little the money it costs, I think it is still a decent indoor quad.